E-commerce Brands Nova Fashion

E-Commerce Brands Nova Fashion

E-commerce Brands Nova Fashion: The way Fashion Nova markets its online store has a lot to teach us. Here, you can look at how they market their business, learn from them, and get ideas for your own eCommerce business.

They have a good email marketing plan. If we look at their average spam score, which is -10.9, it’s great. This is a measure of how likely it is that a spam filter will mark an email as spam. (The more points an email has, the more likely it is to be spam.) But they seem less effective when it comes to subject lines. Emails with subject lines that are 36 characters or less tend to get opened more often. With 37 characters, they’re not doing great, but they’re close enough. Keeping it short would work well for them and help Fashion Nova increase the number of people who open their emails, especially on mobile devices.

If we look at their Ecommerce Marketing Stack, we can see that Sailthru seems to be their main Email Marketing Software (or ESP).

E-commerce Brands Nova Fashion: Fun fact

Fun fact: They use emojis in 99.81% of their emails, and the ones they use most often are!

Here, we show an overview of Fashion Nova’s email marketing strategy, as well as those of other fashion brands. Two of the last emails they sent were titled “Up to 80% Off Hot Girl Summer ‘Fits” and “Clearance Sale: 60-80% OFF Final Hours!”

One interesting thing about their whole domain reputation and SEO is that their authority domain ranking is 77 on Google. This is great but hard to do because it takes time, consistent SEO work, and a solid SEO strategy.

We’re happy to give you access to this information. Whether it’s about your competitors or the brands that inspire you, any strategy should be constantly checked to make sure it’s working.

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