Fashion Nova Shipping Issues

Fashion Nova Shipping Issues

Because of problems with the carriers, you might not get updates on your order as quickly as you’d like.

Still, it says that my order is waiting to be shipped.

There are two common reasons why an order’s tracking page says it has not been shipped.

  • The order may have been sent, but depending on how far away the destination is, the first scan may not happen for a few days after you are told the package has been sent and given the tracking number for the first time.
  • The order may have needed more time to be processed. Please see our shipping time frames for more information on processing times.

My order still says “In Transit” after a few days.

Orders will have the status “In Transit” until they reach the next shipping hub. Because we can’t always control what happens, packages may not have a new scan for several days. If your package has been “In Transit” for 7 days or more since the last time you checked on it, please contact us so we can look into the problem. Our Track Order page lets you know how your order is going.

Orders from other countries get stuck, held up, or need to be checked.

  • When you place an international order, the country where the order is going may ask you to confirm information about the order and the person receiving it. This is the most common reason why your order is stuck at customs or being held.
  • The shipper and/or the country may ask the customer for an invoice, proof of purchase, or ID verification. You should be able to use the “Fashion Nova Order Confirmation Email” as your invoice or proof of purchase.
  • The shipping rules for each country can change, and Fashion Nova wouldn’t be able to give you specific information about your country’s rules or processes.
  • If Fashion Nova sees that a package isn’t moving, it may try to fix the problem before it gets worse.
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