How about AWS SAA Certificate? What Are the Differences between AWS Special Certification and SAA Certification

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AWS SAA certificate refers to the assistant level architect examination certificate. This examination pays more attention to the architecture design of AWS. What about AWS SAA certificate? What is the difference between AWS special certification and SAA certification?


I: How about the AWS SAA Certification


At present, AWS still occupies a relatively high market share in the global cloud computing market, and many large multinational enterprises are using cloud services provided by AWS. In some enterprises with AWS as the main cloud platform, they even put forward hard requirements for technicians to pass the AWS certification examination. When applying for a job, having an AWS certification spoto >> can show your skills to potential employers and increase your attractiveness as a job seeker. Therefore, if you intend to engage in technology, sales and other work in cloud computing related fields, it is very helpful for you to obtain AWS certification.


If there is a consideration of changing jobs, obtaining AWS SAA certification certificate will also become a bonus item, including some job interviews to understand the candidate’s understanding of AWS.


Recently, we also found that not only technical posts are quite interested in AWS certification, but even many sales began to prepare for AWS certification. In their words, in order to expand their horizons, the torrent of cloud computing may really be changing something. At least, the pursuit of advanced knowledge should not stop.


II: How about the Recognition of AWS Special Certification


It’s not that the recognition is not high, but the direction of special investigation is relatively professional, and there are not many people using it. Originally, there are not many people doing big data in this market. In addition, there are fewer people doing big data analysis on AWS cloud and the demand for research.


I suggest starting with SAA, and if you want to systematically learn about the application and practice of AWS big data, then go to get big data certification. This certification will include some theoretical basis of traditional big data analysis, as well as some products released by AWS for big data analysis (EMR, glue, Athena, QuickSight, etc.), and will need to learn some specific use scenarios and cases.


III: What Are the Differences between AWS Special Certification and SAA Certification


AWS special certification is different from SAA certification. The latter pays more attention to the integrity of the knowledge chain, because the public cloud is a new thing. Designing architecture on the cloud requires some professional cloud computing knowledge, which gave birth to SAA and SAP. However, special certification is different. New technology fields such as big data and artificial intelligence are highly professional in the era of cloud origin. These special certification is a certification for in-depth practice in a certain field.


The above introduces the relevant issues about the AWS SAA certification examination. The value of the AWS SAA certificate is great. It is necessary for you to obtain it. It will certainly develop well in the future.

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