How Much Do Fashion Designers Make?

How Much Do Fashion Designers Make

The fashion business is one of the biggest businesses in the world. It has a variety of jobs for people who are interested in fashion. If you are creative and love style and design, you might be good at being a fashion designer. A fashion designer uses the rules of design to make clothes, shoes, and other items. This article talks about how much fashion designers make, what the highest salaries for fashion designers are in each state, and gives a list of jobs that are similar.

How much do designers of clothes make?

Fashion designers get paid a wide range of amounts. Some fashion designers make good money, while others don’t make much at all. Most fashion designers fall somewhere in the middle.

A fashion designer’s average hourly wage is $15.98. The average pay for a fashion designer was $74,410 a year, which is $6,200 a month. The median salary for fashion designers was $64,260 per year or $5,355 per month. The lowest 10% of fashion designers made $32,320 per year, and the top 10% made $130,900 per year.

The salary of a fashion designer varies based on the following:


The pay for fashion designers changes based on where they work. States like New York and California have the most jobs for fashion designers. If fashion designers want to get ahead in their careers, they might have to move to these states.


Fashion designers who have worked in the field for a few years get paid more than those who are just starting out. Designers who are just starting out could make less than $30,000 a year, or $2,500 a month. If a fashion designer has a good portfolio, they can make more money.


Different industries pay fashion designers different amounts. For example, clothing and accessory designers made an average of $73,150 per year, while fashion designers who worked in the performing arts made an average of $53,270 per year. In the video industry, where the average salary was $92,850 per year, people made the most money.

School qualifications

How much fashion designers make depends on how much schooling they have. To work in this field, fashion designers need a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or general design.

How much do fashion designers make in each state?

A fashion designer’s salary depends on where they work. Fashion designers in New Hampshire made an average of $85,460 per year or $7,121 per month. This made them some of the best-paid designers in the United States. Below is a list of each state’s median salary for fashion designers:

  • Alabama: $3,432 per month
  • Alaska: $3,691 per month
  • Arizona: $3,584 per month
  • Arkansas: $3,390 per month
  • $16.55 USD per hour in California
  • Colorado: $3,671 per month
  • $3,779 per month in Connecticut
  • $3,567 per month in Delaware
  • $4,206 per month for the District of Columbia
  • Florida: $13.86 per hour
  • $14.09 an hour in Georgia
  • $3,534 per month in Hawaii
  • $3,266 per month in Idaho
  • Illinois: $3,266 per month
  • Indiana: $3,437 per month
  • $3,482 per month in Iowa
  • Kansas: $3,421 per month
  • $3,363 per month in Kentucky
  • Louisiana: $3,445 per month
  • $3,426 per month in Maine
  • $53,585 per year in Maryland
  • $3,908 per month in Massachusetts
  • $3,533 per month in Michigan
  • $11.17 an hour in Minnesota
  • Mississippi: $3,255 per month
  • $3,569 per month in Missouri
  • Montana: $3,283 per month
  • Nebraska: $3,426 per month
  • Nevada: $3,535 per month
  • $3,506 per month in New Hampshire
  • $18.53 per hour in New Jersey
  • $3,460 per month in New Mexico
  • $50,296 per year in New York
  • $3,557 per month in North Carolina
  • $3,515 per month in North Dakota
  • $3,526 per month in Ohio
  • Oklahoma: $3,389 per month
  • $3,644 per month in Oregon
  • $6,607 per month in Pennsylvania
  • $3,570 per month in Rhode Island
  • $3,450 per month in South Carolina
  • $3,362 per month in South Dakota
  • $3,478 per month in Tennessee
  • $23.31 an hour in Texas
  • Utah: $3,412 per month
  • $3,451 per month in Vermont
  • Virginia: $3,727 per month
  • Washington: Twenty dollars an hour
  • $3,307 per month in West Virginia
  • $3,523 per month in Wisconsin
  • $3,405 per month in Wyoming

How to make more money as a fashion designer

There is a lot of competition in the fashion design field. If you want to be a fashion designer, you should get a formal education and learn other skills. This will help you get the best jobs and earn the most money.

Fashion designers can make more money if they go to school for fashion design and know how to use technologies like CAD. To make more money, it is important to build a strong portfolio. Skills like graphic design can make it easier to make money.

A fashion designer could also think about working as a freelance fashion designer to make more money. People who own businesses that do well make more than the average salary. Fashion designers who work for famous people and wealthy people make more money.

Job prospects for fashion designers

In the fashion industry, there is a lot of competition because there are more fashion designers than there are jobs. Fashion designers who have a formal education in fashion design, years of experience, and good portfolios will have a better chance of finding work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job prospects for fashion designers vary by industry. Since most clothes and shoes are made outside of the US, there aren’t many jobs for fashion designers in the US manufacturing industry. In this part of the business world, jobs are expected to drop by 30% over the next five years. Due to more people wanting to wear fashionable clothes every day, the retail trade industry is expected to add 22% more jobs. From now until 2028, the number of jobs for fashion designers is expected to grow by 1%. This is less than the average growth rate for other jobs.

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