How to Hire Fashion Subject in the Sims 4

How to Hire Fashion Subject in the Sims 4

We first heard about freelance careers in April of this year. At that time, there were three different jobs: writer, programmer, and digital artist. The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack is the first to add a fashion photographer to the freelance career.

The format for the fashion photographer trade is the same as for the other trades. You can choose to join the Freelancer career using either your Sims phone or a computer.

Once you confirm that you want your Sim to be a freelancer, another pop-up box will ask you which agency you want your Sim to work for.

You will work for Tomorrow’s Style as a freelance fashion photographer.

But how do you find freelance work?

If you’ve played with one of the other freelance jobs or even as an actor in The Sims 4: Get Famous, it’s exactly the same. If not, all you have to do is look for gigs. You can do this by going to the Career panel and choosing the clipboard, or by using the work panel on your Sims’ cell phone.
Similarly, your Sim’s skill level determines the types of gigs they can do in each freelancer trade. This is shown at the end of every gig. Those that are highlighted can be used by your Sim right now. Those that are greyed out are ones that your Sim can’t do right now because they don’t have the right skill level. The pay for a gig will be higher if it requires a higher level of skill.

Getting Gigs and Tasks Done

After you choose a gig, all the information you need will be in the user interface’s Career panel. It will tell you when the gig is due and what your Sim needs to do to finish it. Most gigs give your Sims between four and five days to finish.

If you don’t know how to finish a task, you can move your mouse over it, and it will tell you what to do.
Don’t forget that your Sim doesn’t have to wait until the due date or time to turn it in. Keep in mind that a client could reject the work your Sim did or even ask you to change what your Sim did. If this happens, just start the task(s) over and turn the gig in again.

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t like your Sims’ work. Just check the task(s) again and try again.

But if your Sim doesn’t finish a gig on time, it can hurt their overall performance and leave them with an angry client who hasn’t paid them.

On the other hand, if your sim gets ahead, finishes the gig early, and does a good job, it may get a small bonus in addition to its payment for the gig.

There are no limits on how often your Sim needs to get gigs. When and how often they work is really up to you. There will always be gigs to choose from for your Sims.

Gains from a Job

Of course, careers in The Sims wouldn’t be complete without some new career rewards.

Supreme Freelancer Award ($500): Unlocked the first time a Sim filled up their performance meter in any trade in the Freelance Career.

ClickShot10 P10 Mirrorless Camera ($2,300): Unlocks when you reach the top of the Freelance Career’s performance meter for the first time as a freelance photographer.

In addition to these two locked career rewards, your Sims can also get more money, new features (like being able to use a computer to change the mood of a photo), and different objects.

This new job in the freelance field is a great addition to what we already have. As a fashion photographer, there is a lot to discover, and that’s true not just for the career but for the whole game. Not only that, but the new job gives your Sims even more options and variety in their daily lives without them having to leave their homes.

Don’t forget that you can read all about how to become a freelance writer, programmer, or digital artist here.

Tell us what you think of the new freelance career and what trades you’d like to see added to it in the future, if possible.

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