How to Lace Jordan 1s

How to Lace Jordan 1s

Want to learn different ways to tie the laces on your new Air Jordan 1s? Whether you’re wearing a brand-new Jordan 1 from the 21st century or your favorite Jordan retro, there are a few easy ways to tie your shoes’ laces to give them a little more style. Check out some of our favorite ways to tie up Jordan 1s.

Lacing in the back

Instead of crossing the laces, this method twists two loops together to form Xs that vary in appearance up the sneaker.

  • Put the left end of the lace through the left eyelet and the right end through the bottom right eyelet to make a bar at the bottom of the lacing system.
  • Make an X with the shoelaces in the middle, between the bar and the ends.
  • Make a second X under the first one, and then put the left end of your lace through the right eyelet.
  • Follow this pattern all the way up the shoe, and then tie a bow.

Lacing in an X-shape

Do you want to wear your AJ 1s without tying the laces? By crisscrossing your shoelaces, you can keep them tight and tied to the top eyelets. You can also leave them loose and tie the laces only halfway up the shoe.

  1. Make a flat bar for the bottom of the shoe.
  2. Take the right lace and put it through the next left eyelet’s hole. Do it again on the left.
  3. Continue weaving the shoelaces back and forth through the eyelets, making Xs as you go.
  4. Leave laces untied.

Window Lacing

Want to make the top of your arch a little less tight? You could try box lacing or window lacing. This style has a space in the middle of the lacing system, which is called a “window.”

  1. Put both ends of the laces through the holes at the bottom to make a horizontal bar.
  2. Start tying the laces so that they cross each other. Take the lace and put it over and through the third eyelet from the bottom, which is right above the fourth eyelet.
  3. Repeat this pattern with the third and fourth eyelets on each side, and then keep going back and forth until you get to the top of the shoe.
  4. Tie a bow.

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