Why Do Fashion Models Look So Angry

The most serious fashion designers tend to like models who don’t smile or show any emotion so that the clothes don’t get in the way. Q: Why do fashion designers have their models on the runway and in print ads make faces that look sad or angry? If the model wasn’t frowning, I would be […]

Hiro Fashion Who Captured

Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, who went by the name “Hiro” and was a Japanese-American photographer, died on Sunday at his country home in Erwinna, Pennsylvania. His fashion and still-life photographs revealed a constantly changing side of American life, drawing comparisons to the work of his idol and mentor, Richard Avedon. He was 90. His son, Gregory Wakabayashi, […]

Why Fashion Imposes Gender

Gender-fluid fashion also called “non-binary fashion” is nothing new. Fashion has always been used by cultures and times all over the world and throughout history to show gender and reflect their own ideas about gender. In the West, the idea that there are only two genders—man and woman—is starting to lose its hold as Gen […]

How Does Fashion Affect the Environment Essay

10% of the world’s carbon emissions come from the clothing and textile industry, which is the second largest polluter after oil. The rate at which we make, wear, and throw away clothes has already had a huge effect on the environment. If nothing is done, clothing consumption will be responsible for a quarter of our […]

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