Top Luxury Handbag Brands 2023

Top Luxury Handbag Brands 2023

Procuring an opulent, haute couture handbag is an exhilarating juncture in the life of any discerning shopper. It undeniably constitutes a substantial fiscal commitment, and such substantial expenditures necessitate judicious choices.

If you find yourself on the precipice of indulging in a high-end designer satchel, your initial step should involve the selection of a brand that resonates with your personal tastes. While venerable luxury titans such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès invariably make for astute choices, there exists a plethora of other established and emerging fashion houses, each contributing their distinctive spin on iconic everyday bag silhouettes. Once you’ve alighted upon a designer that truly captivates your affections, your quest should extend towards an acquisition that holds its value, should the prospect of resale on platforms such as Depop, Poshmark, or similar venues ever beckon.

In the endeavor to curate a compendium of handbags that currently dominate the market, we’ve culled data from preeminent luxury reselling platforms, including Rebag, The RealReal, Fashionphile, What Goes Around Comes Around, and Vestiaire Collective. Additionally, insights into the most coveted purses presently circulating within Vivrelle’s exclusive membership have been provided by the esteemed founder, Blake Geffen.

According to The RealReal’s Luxury Consignment Report for 2023, the depreciation of time-honored classics from Hermès, Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton appears to be plateauing, while contemporary, more modish styles from Bottega Veneta, Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, and Valentino are experiencing a surge in demand. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the enduring allure of the previously mentioned luxury labels. As attested by Elizabeth Layne of Rebag, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel continue to boast commendable retention values, corroborated by the Clair Report featured on their platform. Similarly, Jessica Henderson of Fashionphile underscores the enduring relevance of stalwarts like the Hermès Kelly and Birkin, Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull, Speedy, and Pochette, as well as Chanel’s timeless 2.55 model.

All authoritative voices concur that handbags in neutral color palettes are poised to command superior valuations during potential resale transactions. However, whether you elect to maintain your cherished possession indefinitely or opt for future relinquishment, any of the 14 featured accessories presented here may impeccably align with your discerning tastes.


The enduring silhouettes of Hermès handbags imbue an aura of refinement to any ensemble. The most coveted iterations, notably the Kelly (an homage to Grace Kelly) and the Birkin (a tribute to Jane Birkin), command price tags that often surpass $30,000, even for previously owned specimens.

Elizabeth Layne, who holds the mantle of Chief Marketing Officer at Rebag, underscores the brand’s preeminent stature, as validated by the 2022 Clair Report from the company. This substantiates Hermès’ standing as one of the most sought-after labels in the realm of luxury fashion.

Hermès Kelly Handbag Noir Epsom With Gold Hardware 32

The Hermès Kelly Handbag in Noir Epsom with resplendent Gold Hardware, priced at $15,960, bears only slight evidence of creasing on its straps. Minimal signs of wear have left this architecturally refined silhouette virtually unscathed, rendering it an immediate classic addition to your fashion repertoire.


Chanel’s enduringly chic quilted leather classic flap bag enjoys perennial adoration within the realm of fashion aficionados. It is a wise choice to contemplate investing in a neutral hue, such as black or taupe, for this bag seamlessly harmonizes with any ensemble in your wardrobe.

Ambria Mische, the Senior Vice President of Buying and Merchandising at What Goes Around Comes Around, elaborates on the timeless allure of the 2.55 silhouette. She expounds, “The unmistakable form of this bag, presented as a supremely feminine shoulder accessory, possesses an innate magnetic charm that never fails to captivate women.” Her insights, shared with POPSUGAR, underscore the enduring desirability of this iconic design.

Chanel Pink Chevron Caviar Classic Double Flap Bag

The Chanel Pink Chevron Caviar Classic Double Flap Bag, priced at $12,500, has witnessed a surge in popularity since its inception in 1955, owing in part to its iconic “CC” closure. The pink hue, adorned with chevron-quilted Caviar leather, bestows upon it the status of a future heirloom. Remarkably well-preserved, this bag exhibits only minor signs of wear along the strap edges.

Louis Vuitton

The unmistakable brown monogram that epitomizes Louis Vuitton’s identity is instantly distinguishable. The Neverfull, a capacious and beloved tote from this esteemed fashion house, has solidified its position as an enduring classic. Ambria Mische, representing What Goes Around Comes Around, affirms its preeminence, ranking it as the top choice among the resale site’s customer base who gravitate towards more conventional and fundamental bag silhouettes. Simultaneously, a distinct demographic of clientele pursues the allure of diverse materials, including prints from designer collaborations.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull, available at $1,595, made its debut in 2007 and has since become a quintessential piece, ranking among the most iconic silhouettes in the LV house’s extensive repertoire. Particularly renowned for its signature monogram leather, this specific resale bag, though exhibiting minor scratching on the hardware and moderate scuffing on the leather, remains in commendable condition.


Owing to a revived fascination with vintage fashion, Gucci’s handbags, such as the ’70s-style Jackie hobo, are experiencing a renaissance in popularity. A representative from Vestiaire Collective asserts, “This bag has held an iconic status for several decades and has been reinterpreted under the creative direction of various fashion luminaries within the house.” It notably ranked among our best-selling bags in 2022, and we have strong expectations that it will remain a coveted must-have for seasons to come.

Gucci Jackie Leather Handbag

Priced at $1,043, marked down from its original cost of $1,493, this Gucci Jackie Handbag, shipped directly from Italy, exudes an understated neutrality in the realm of accessories. Its distinctive stripes and hardware infuse an unmistakable ’70s aesthetic, rendering it a fitting choice to imbue any outfit with a vintage allure.


While Fendi occasionally flirts with whimsical elements, such as keychains, the baguette bag maintains its perennial status as a quintessential piece. Blake Geffen, the visionary founder behind the exclusive members-only haven, Vivrelle, anticipates that the baguette will regain its position as the “It” bag of 2023, following its resurgence on the arm of the iconic Carrie Bradshaw in “And Just Like That.”

Fendi Vintage Jersey Baguette Shoulder Bag

The Fendi Vintage Jersey Baguette Shoulder Bag, available for a borrowing fee of $119 with a Classique membership, exudes a nostalgic ’90s aesthetic, courtesy of its vintage jersey material. The presence of a buckle strap and darker hardware adds a touch of edginess to its overall allure. It pairs seamlessly with a casual ensemble comprising jeans, a crisp tee, and dark sunglasses, facilitating effortless and on-the-go styling.


A timeless nylon Prada shoulder bag constitutes a valuable enhancement to any handbag collection. However, Jessica Henderson, the Senior Curator at Fashionphile, reports a growing demand for structured and boxy silhouettes, exemplified by the Re-Edition tote.

Prada Brushed Calfskin Mini Re-Edition 1995 Tote

Priced at $2,075, marked down from its original cost of $2,595, the Prada Brushed Calfskin Mini Re-Edition 1995 Tote in Scarlet exudes a heightened level of sophistication compared to the ubiquitous nylon shoulder bag, which also falls under the popular Re-Edition category. The rich cherry hue complements the entirety of your wardrobe, with red effortlessly assuming the role of a versatile neutral.

Saint Laurent

YSL handbags offer an excellent choice for those seeking an understated and elegant aesthetic. According to a representative from Vestiaire Collective, the Loulou shape, as featured above, emerged as one of their top-selling handbags in 2022, a testament to its exceptional versatility.

Saint Laurent Loulou Leather Handbag

The Saint Laurent Loulou Leather Handbag, priced at $2,950, is in pristine, unworn condition and is ready for shipping from the US. Adorned with Y-quilted tan leather, it features an opulent gold logo and a coordinating chain strap, adding an extra layer of sophistication to its allure.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu handbags often embrace specific thematic elements and mirror the styles that grace the fashion runways where they were introduced. In recent times, the brand’s signature matelassé treatment of leather has garnered considerable admiration, as its ruched appearance pays homage to the early 2000s.

The January Luxury Consignment Report from The RealReal attests to the soaring popularity of Miu Miu’s leather shoulder bags, revealing an impressive 178 percent increase in sales. This surge is predominantly attributed to the buying preferences of a younger demographic of consumers.

Miu Miu Matelasse Clutch

Available at $455, the Miu Miu Matelasse Clutch is impeccably maintained, exhibiting only minor scuffing at its base. Additional elements such as the satin lining and the presence of gold-tone hardware contribute to the overall allure of this handbag.


Although Telfar’s coveted Circle bag enjoyed a moment in the spotlight as an “It” item for a period, the cult-adored Bushwick Birkin in its timeless shopping silhouette has claimed the throne as one of Rebag’s most sought-after handbags, as revealed by the retailer’s 2022 Clair Report.

Telfar Shopping Tote Faux Leather Small

Priced at $385, the Telfar Shopping Tote in faux leather is in exceptional condition, boasting minimal signs of wear on both the inside and outside. This Telfar tote is regarded as an enduring investment, set to retain its popularity for years to come. Additionally, Rebag offers this purse in an array of colorways, including more vibrant choices such as green, blue, purple, and hot pink.

Bottega Veneta

The renown of Bottega Veneta has experienced a remarkable surge in recent years, a journey guided first by Daniel Lee and now by Matthieu Blazy. Among the various styles offered by the Italian fashion house, it is the signature Intrecciato weave that stands out as the most identifiable and worthy investment.

Blake Geffen of Vivrelle shares with POPSUGAR that Bottega Veneta has been gaining traction as a favored handbag brand for their members to borrow, marking a notable upswing in its popularity.

Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette

The Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette, available for borrowing at $219 with a Couture membership, boasts a captivating “maple” orange hue, adding to its allure. Complementing its appeal is the chunky gold chain, an on-trend and stylish accessory that effortlessly complements any other jewelry you choose to adorn yourself with.


The mini Lady Dior bag is adorned with charming accessories and offers a detachable crossbody strap for those who favor a hands-free approach. Vestiaire Collective affirms that this particular silhouette claimed the fifth spot among the most popular handbags of 2022.

Dior Lady Dior Leather Crossbody Bag

Priced at $3,998, this Dior Lady Dior Leather Crossbody Bag is available for shipping from the US. Crafted in black leather, this purse is reported to be in impeccable condition, and it includes a longer strap for those seeking a hands-free accessory option.


Valentino’s distinctive rockstuds serve as the hallmark design element on a spectrum of accessories, spanning from stilettos to handbags. Given the edgy allure lent by the metal embellishments, our recommendation is to opt for a Valentino bag with a refined, neutral-toned leather finish to harmonize with the studs. The RealReal acknowledges Valentino as one of the fashion labels that strikes a balance between trendiness and affordability, making it a favorable choice for style-conscious consumers.

Valentino Quilted Rockstud Spike Wallet on Chain

The Valentino Quilted Rockstud Spike Wallet on Chain, initially priced at $725 but now available for $580, exudes an air of opulence with its rich, deeper shade of red. The inclusion of a turnlock closure and studded accents complements your choice of everyday jewelry, enhancing the overall appeal of this stylish accessory.


The Loewe Puzzle Bag boasts a spacious, boxy design that doubles as a work of art. It offers versatile carrying options—you can tuck it under your arm like a clutch, or attach the crossbody strap for hands-free convenience. If you have a penchant for mini bags, you can achieve the same aesthetic with the smaller Nano version, which is roughly half the price. According to a representative from Vestiaire Collective, this bag is deemed an everyday investment piece by the company, highlighting its enduring appeal.

Loewe Brown Leather Puzzle Handbag

Priced at $3,306, originally listed at $3,686, this chocolate-brown Loewe Leather Puzzle Handbag is in brand new condition, complete with tags and its original dust bag. Its distinctive shape and prominently displayed logo make it instantly recognizable, whether you choose to cradle it in your hand or let it dangle from your side using the top handle.


The Celine Luggage and Phantom bags have garnered a dedicated following for their iconic yet practical designs. However, Ambria Mische of WGACA notes that the Triomphe bag, as featured above, is increasingly gaining favor among younger fashion enthusiasts and mainstream influencers.

Celine Triomphe East-West Shoulder Bag Smooth Calfskin

The Celine Triomphe East-West Shoulder Bag in a delightful light-pink shade is in excellent condition, displaying only minor marks on the exterior and flap. Its pastel hue positions it as a versatile addition to your wardrobe, allowing you to pair it with a wide range of ensembles beyond the classic jeans and T-shirt look. It also holds promise as an option for dressing as a wedding guest during the warmer seasons.


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