what is db Seam in Fashion:

what is db Seam in Fashion

I always feel like I should know how to use all of the sewing machines that are used to make clothes.

But it’s hard to remember since I don’t sell or distribute sewing machines. Even I don’t make every kind of clothing in my factory.

What should I do if someone asks me for a list of basic clothing machines?

Now I have one.

what is db Seam in Fashion: As an engineer (IE), you might know a lot about how a garment is put together, the seams that can be used for different tasks, and the machines that are used to make a garment.

On the other hand, if you have never made a product before and are asked for details about seams, operations, and machines, you could try to get information from friends or machine suppliers. I’m sure you’ll have trouble getting it done quickly.

But don’t worry, you can now get it for free on the web.

Juki added a reference list (a database of sewing machines organized by how they are usually used) for basic items like shirts, jackets, pants, jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, bras, pants, and so on.

With just one click, you can see a sketch of the product, a list of operations that can be done on it, different types of seams, and a list of machines that can be used to do those operations. Below is a screenshot of the web-based database. A picture of the Juki site is taken.

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