Where does Fashion Nova Source their Clothing?

Where does Fashion Nova Source their Clothing

People are always asking Fashion Nova where they get their clothes. Who are the people who sell Fashion Nova? Everyone wants to know where companies like Pretty Little Thing, Amiclubwear, and Boohoo get their clothes and how they always seem to be having a “sale.” Every day, these store owners and retailers send me emails with photos of items they want to know who sells them.

So, here’s the thing: a bit of understanding. Companies like Fashion Nova have access to resources that we don’t. What tools do you ask for?

Money comes first (and lots of it). The second is having direct contact with manufacturers. Companies like Fashion Nova can make exact copies of the clothes we see celebrities wearing at the drop of a hat. So, if you’re looking for the store where FN bought the dress Kylie Jenner wore last night and you can’t find it, it’s likely that they made a copy themselves.

And while they do use wholesale companies like American Bazi and Heart & Hips, which we also have access to, they are also able to make many of their own items and designs.

So, in response to your question, the answer is often, “Fashion Nova is the vendor.”

I recently made a list of vendors that you can buy from here. It has a lot of information about the places where Fashion Nova and its competitors get their goods, as well as more information about this topic.

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