Where to Read Solo Leveling Reddit

Where to Read Solo Leveling Reddit

Japan isn’t the only place that knows how to do anime well. South Korea has been on a roll lately, putting out popular Korean manga and making them into animated movies. Solo leveling, also known as “Only I Level Up,” is one of the most well-known results. It has been read online 31.6 million times, and an animated version is set to come out in 2023. Even if you’ve never read manga, you may have heard of Seong Jin-adventure Woo’s because it’s so popular right now.

You might know about the Solo Leveling webcomic and want to find out where it came from. Or maybe you just want to read the latest Korean novels. So, where can you go to read Solo Leveling for free on the Internet? Here’s the information you want.

Reading Solo Leveling Online

Solo Leveling can be read online for free, but it depends on which version you want to read. Solo Leveling started out as a web novel, and that’s the best way to read it for free. The first version of the web novel can be read for free at webnovel.com. The web novel is also great because it is finished, so you can read all 270 chapters in one sitting without worrying about cliffhangers.

Now, if you’d rather read the webtoon or manga version, you can’t legally read the whole series for free. The first few chapters can be read on Tapas, the Kakao app, and Tappytoon. If you liked it, you could also buy the next chapters from those same places. There are 179 chapters in all.

What is the point of solo leveling?

If you’ve seen or heard about Solo Leveling, you might think it’s a fantasy isekai story like Re: Zero or Sword Art Online. A story in which the main character is somehow taken to a fantasy world where he has to learn how to deal with the game-like parts of the world.

You would be sort of right. Solo Leveling takes a lot of ideas from Isekai, like how the story is set in a fantasy world and feels like a game. But Seong Jin-Woo has always been a part of that world. Also, the world they live in is a lot like ours. It’s South Korea in the present day, but with monster raids and magic.

Hunters protect people from monsters and other threats. Seong Jin-Woo is the weakest of a group of fighters called the Hunters. But he’s almost useless because he can’t fight well even in the most basic situations.

Seong Jin-Woo wakes up one day with a new skill, though. He can now see a heads-up display (HUD) like a role-playing video game character (RPG). It shows him different quests that will help him “level up” when he completes them.

With this new power, he can quickly go from being the worst Hunter to an S-rank Hunter who can keep up with the best of them.

If this caught your eye, you might want to check out Tower of God, which is an animated version of another popular manga. Even better, Tower of God will soon have a second season.

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